Alice Whieldon & René Fix
8.-11. September 2022
Heidelberg, Deutschland

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Sei-ki – Living in resonance

Going from Doing to Non-Doing

Sei-ki is an evolution of shiatsu, as well as a return to the origin. It is the work with the empty space, the simple-being and the non-doing.

Sei-ki was developed by Akinobu Kishi, a close and longtime student of Masunaga. There is no fixed system in which sei-ki is taught. The challenge is to find your own way with Sei-ki. So the lesson is not about a classical setting in which techniques are taught. To learn Sei-ki, one goes into a Space of learning and opens up to a field of experience. And here happens what should happen. Everyone finds their own way, because there is only one’s own way.

Alice Whieldon has worked in this field for over 35 years.  She co-authored Sei-ki: Life in Resonance, The Secret Art of Shiatsu 2011, with Kishi Akinobu and is the author of Mind Clearing: the Key to Mindfulness Mastery 2016. She presents workshops and trainings in Sei-ki and Mind Clearing at home in the UK and internationally and has a private practice in London.  
René Fix has worked in the field for over 15 years. He is the owner of one of the most renowned Shiatsuschools in Germany, the kiCollege. He has been refining his expertise in Sei-ki since 2011. Experiencing Katsugen had a major influence in his development and led to his passion for working with individuals and groups for change and growth.
Alice and René have been working closely together since 2017 in research, hands-on and online workshops.


This workshop is open for everybody. No requirements or certain knowledge needed.
We will start Thursday at 9:30 and end the workshop at Sunday about 16:00.
The workshop will be held in English. Translation at times can be offered. Participants may speak German.

8.-11. September 2022


Alice Whieldon & René Fix


Bergheimer Str. 147
69115 Heidelberg

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